Admire the beauties of Cansiglio

 Hiking routes

Hiking excursion along the Cansiglio Ring

C. Genziana - Vallorch - Pich - Giardino Botanico - Bus de la Lum - C. Genziana

A walk to admire the beauties of Cansiglio, the sweeping views as far as the mountains of Alpago and plunge into the magic and silence of the Cansiglio Forest. This route develops along a ring of ups and downs and involves both dirt roads and paths in the woods, on the edge of meadows and pastures. 

Walks of emotions, experiences, stories, nature, animals, sustainability

Flora Rossi

Alpago e Cansiglio

"Walking and immersing yourself in nature means knowing with all your senses, finding yourself in the tree and the insect."

Paola Nardellotto

Alpago e Cansiglio

"There are two ways of living: one as if nothing was a miracle, the other as if everything was a miracle."

Giorgio Zampieri

Alpago e Cansiglio

Route Information

Area Alpago e Cansiglio
Starting point Fregona
Difficulty medio
Distance Distance 14.1 km
Duration Duration 04:30 h
Ascent Ascent 349 m
Descent Descent 349 m
Loop Loop Loop
Province Treviso

Information office

IAT Vittorio Veneto
Viale della Vittoria, n. 110
Vittorio Veneto (TV)
Ph.: 0438 57243
Email: Write to the office
IAT Farra d'Alpago
Viale al Lago (Farra)
Farra d'Alpago (BL)
Ph.: 0437 46448
Email: Write to the office
Info point Ass. Pro Loco di Fregona
via G. Marconi 6
Fregona (TV)
Ph.: 0438 585487
Email: Write to the office
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What to see Alpago e Cansiglio

Food and Wine

Cimbri villages

The traditional and evocative lumberjacks villages of Cansiglio

Alpago e Cansiglio
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The Alpagota breed and Alpago lamb

The lamb is a Slow Food Presidia. This breed must be valued and protected because it risks extinction.

Alpago e Cansiglio
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Mountain PDO Montasio

A great cheese connecting Alps, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Alpago e Cansiglio
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The Cansiglio Forest

A unique place to discover, where man activities meet with the unspoiled nature

Alpago e Cansiglio
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Santa Croce Lake

A body of water where nature and water sports live in perfect balance.

Alpago e Cansiglio
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Tonic liquor of Cansiglio

The liquor with flavour and aroma of the mountain wood

Alpago e Cansiglio
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Services along the routes

Agriturismo Le Code

Alpago e Cansiglio

Casa Vallorch

Alpago e Cansiglio

Locanda al capriolo

Alpago e Cansiglio

Agriturismo Pian Formosa

Alpago e Cansiglio

Taxi bike Alpago

Alpago e Cansiglio

Agribed Quierta

Alpago e Cansiglio

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