The most characteristic places of Monte Grappa

 Hiking routes

Hike on Monte Grappa, the Mount Sacred to the Country

Campocroce - Ardosetta - Cima Grappa - Malga Bocchette - Col delle Farine - Campocroce

This loop route will take you to some of the most characteristic places of Monte Grappa. You will cross wide paths, mule tracks and dirt roads to discover an area where history, sport, food and wine are perfectly combined with breathtaking views of the Dolomite peaks and the great Veneto plain.

Silence does not ask questions, but it gives us an answer to everything.

Elena Torresan

Monte Grappa

When you go to the mountains with passion, you never get lost, and you always see the sun, even when it's not there.

Gianluca Bellin

Monte Grappa

Route Information

Area Monte Grappa
Starting point Borso del Grappa
Difficulty medio
Distance Distance 33.7 km
Duration Duration 07:30 h
Ascent Ascent 1265 m
Descent Descent 1267 m
Loop Loop Loop
Province Treviso

Information office

IAT Feltre
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, n.21
32032 Feltre
Ph.: 0439 2540
Email: Write to the office
IAT Bassano del Grappa
Piazza Garibaldi, n.34
Bassano del Grappa (VI)
Ph.: 0424 519917
Email: Write to the office
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Food and Wine

Cima Grappa military Shrine

One of the most important military ossuaries of the First World War in Veneto

Monte Grappa
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Grappa Morlacco cheese

Traditional cheese of Pedemontana del Grappa

Monte Grappa
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Itinerary of Meatte

Itinerary of ancient military paths, with beautiful views of Monte Meatte

Monte Grappa
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Chestnuts of Monfenera

The most noble fruit of the chestnut tree, flavour of the venetian autumn

Monte Grappa
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Grappa of Bassano

The liquid courage famous among the soldiers in Monte Grappa

Monte Grappa
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The Massif of Monte Grappa: known worldwide for the free flight

Monte Grappa
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